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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Kaihim Makuhari

So, I have overcome the worries of the past week or so, and the revelation that I am going to Korea next week has opened numerous new avenues of thought concerning my romantic future in Asia, the TOD's, International Vagabondancy and so on.  For one thing, in a true repetition of the magical flirtation days of 1997, I have realised I have many romantic prospects in Japan -- and just like in 1997 I can now play it cool, and not stress about pursuing and grasping for every possible opportunity.  I mean, if I stay at Liberty House I can get to know Ayoko and I am sure something will happen eventually -- it's like every night there are fresh signs of potential.  On the other hand, if I move to Kisarazu I am sure I will find potential partners there as well -- today in Kaihin-Makuhari (海浜幕張) I noticed a girl looking at me and realised Japanese women are hungry for it!  So, perhaps this is the true May 14/31 Repetition -- I can pull everywhere, and I can afford to adopt the attitude of cool which worked so well in 1997.  The less I try the more I achieve.  It seems this will be the approach for 2002.  (And who knows, maybe I will hear from Emi again!)
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